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Safe & Vault Services

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Wabash Valley Lock & Key is Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley's #1  provider of Safe & Vault services! Having trouble with your safe?  Have you forgotten your combination?  Are you locked out of your safe?  Do you need to change your combination or change to a new type of lock?  Do you just need general servicing or moving?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key has you covered!  Let Wabash Valley Lock & Key take care of you and your safe needs today. You can rest easy knowing that Wabash Valley Lock & Key and our Safe & Vault Technician will be able to keep your valuables secure!

Don't think that just because your safe is old that we won't service it.  Our Safe/Vault Technician and Owner (Jed) absolutely loves old safes.  Everything from servicing and cleaning to repairs and openings Wabash Valley Lock & Key is proud to take care of your antique safe!

Jed, our Owner and resident Safe Enthusiast, is a professionally trained and SAVTA Registered Safe/Vault Technician.  Here at Wabash Valley Lock & Key we have a passion for safes and take pride in providing you best service around!  

Authorized Dealer of the Following:

Wabash Valley Lock & Key is Proud to Provide the Following Safe & Vault Services:
Safe &  Lock Servicing

Safe lock getting sticky?  Is the combo you know being unreliable now? Door hard to lock?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key can service your safe and it's lock and have you back to operating smoothly in no time!

Lost Combos & Changes 

Do you have a safe with no combination?  Have you forgotten your combination?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key can take care of that. We will get you open and locking again in no time!

Safe Opening/Lock Outs 

Have you forgotten your combination?  Is your combination no longer working? Will your safe not unlock? Wabash Valley Lock & Key can get that open for you! Our safe technician can open your safe in a clean and professional manner and get your safe functional again in no time!

Repair, Replace, Upgrade 

Does your safe have a broken lock?  Is your lock wearing out?  Would you like to upgrade to a better lock?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key has you covered!  We provide lock repair services, or for when it is too broken, we can replace your lock.  We can also change your lock to one that better fits your security needs.


Are you needing a new safe?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key is here to help.  We proudly help our customers secure their valuables by providing access to many popular safe brands.  We provide many popular brands of fire, burglary, and gun safes.  From  AMSEC to Gardall and more, we sell it all.  Though our showroom is small, we sell it all.  From new safes by AMSEC, Gardall, and more to one from our rotating inventory of Used Safes you will find it with us.

Antique Safes 

Do you have an antique safe youd like serviced?  Repaired? Removed?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key is here to help. Antique safes are our passion.  We are proud to keep these old safes working for genrations to come by providing top notch servicing and repair.  For those that have an old safe that they no longer want or need.  We are here to help as well.  Talk to us today to see about our removal services.


Are you needing your safe moved?  Did you get a new safe that needs installed and anchored?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key is here to help.  We proudly help our customers move their safe to the location they need. Across the room or up the stairs, microwave safe to vault, we will get it there. **

**Some weight and location restrictions apply.  Ask for details


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