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Automotive Locksmith Services

Are your car, truck, or SUV keys missing?  Are you needing a key programmed?  Are you simply needing a spare vehicle key or fob?

Give Wabash Valley Lock & Key a call for your automotive key needs!

***Please be prepared to provide the Make, Model, Year & Proof of Ownership for Automotive Work*** 

Lost Key Replacement

Have you misplaced the keys to your Car/Truck/SUV? Let us make you a new one! Wabash Valley Lock & Key offers everything from mechanical keys to proximity fobs and fobiks!*

Key Programming

Do you have a key that needs to be programmed? Wabash Valley Lock & Key can help with that! Wabash Valley Lock & Key offers mobile, car-side key and fob programming, as well as instore service!*

Key Cutting/Duplication

Just need a spare?  Wabash Valley Lock & Key can make that happen!  We offer everything from traditional car keys to high-security car keys!*   


Have you locked yourself out of your vehicle?  We can get you back in! Call Wabash Valley Lock & Key the next time you are locked out!*

*Most Makes and Models late 90's and newer

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